MIS Global Conference


Optimización de la estética dental de la sonrisa Combinando la implantología y la ortodoncia

Dr. Eric Van Dooren, Bélgica y el Dr. Nuno Sousa Dias, Portugal        

Dr. Victor Clavijo | Opciones protésicas para posteriores y anteriores


V3 Implant A Versatile Implant for Functional and Aesthetic Rehabilitation

Visión General del Sistema de Implante V3

Key Factors for Success with Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

The Choice of the Ideal Implant Restoration

B+ Surface Current Research Overview

From Planning to Execution, a Success Story

A Novel Implant Surface for Accelerated Bone Healing

Digital Communication The Implant Prostho Connection

Planning Predictable Aesthetics in Implant Rehabilitation

The Role of Prosthodontics in Preservation of Soft and Hard Tissue around Implants